A Couple of Things

~ I finally watched “The Stand” over the past couple of days.  The effects were pretty crappy by our standards but most likely state of the art in ’94, so I’ll grant it leeway there.  It had an excellent cast, and is one of the better translations of King’s books to movies.  My only big problem was that I couldn’t find Randall Flagg at all scary.  It’s hard to take a demon from Hell seriously when he’s sporting a big bushy mullet.  The fact that he wore one, however, can stand as a testament to his evil nature.

~ I’ve continued to help my mother by driving Randy’s truck to run errands like picking up furniture or loads of mulch or topsoil.  She, in her turn, has been a gardening fiend in my flower beds.  It’s going to look amazing when she’s done!  It already looks 5 katrillion (I just made that up… take that Shakespeare!) times better than before.  There will be pictures at some point.

~ I don’t have ascites; the fluid is in my stomach, not my abdomen.  What a relief!  The gastric emptying study I underwent a couple of weeks ago indicates a problem there, so I have been put on a new medication, Reglan, which will make me sleepy.  It has some potentially nasty side effects that I have to watch out for, such as tremors and spasms, but as long as I don’t experience these I should be alright, and it should alleviate some of my symptoms.  I want to get something else checked out, but don’t want to discuss it yet.  Later, once it’s done.

~ I am so colossally lazy today that, though I’d like a bowl of cereal, I won’t have one because there aren’t any clean bowls and I can’t be bothered to wash one.  In my defense, I spent the morning ferrying topsoil to my mother’s and an old sofa of hers to the dump.  I feel I’ve expended as much energy as I’m going to today.  No, I didn’t hurt my back with either of these things.  I am the driver, nothing else.  My mother and brother did the heavy work.  I can’t emphasize enough how much it goes against the grain to watch my mother, who has her own back and cardiac issues, doing the heavy work.  She insists she’s fine, but it’s just wrong.  At least my brother was home today to do most of the work.  *sigh*

Well now, that’s 4 things, which is twice as many as a “couple.”  Having put the lie to the title of this post, I will end right here.

The End


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6 Responses to A Couple of Things

  1. Leah says:

    Is the Reglan making you feel better so far? Or is it too soon to say?

    I’ve only read 1 Stephen King novel so far – not sure if I can do scary. But I suppose we can’t find mutual admiration for everything. :)

    I’m sorry you were denied a bowl of cereal! That makes me a little sad…

    I can’t wait to see your flower beds!! :)

  2. Aravis says:

    I took my first dose last night, and I have to titrate up over the next week or so. I’ll eventually have to take 4/day. In other words- too soon to tell.

    I don’t like all of Stephen King, and wouldn’t give him a blanket recommendation.

    It made me a little sad, too. I only have myself to blame, though.

    Me neither!

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    I liked ‘The Stand’ as well. A great cast, excellent adaptation. Randall Flagg was alright…not great.

  4. Aravis says:

    Yes, for the most part they turned in excellent performances. It was far better than The Langoliers, for example.

  5. I am having problems scraping together 1 thing to blog about — and here you have four!
    wishing you the best of luck with the reglan and belly-issues
    (I am still debating whether I want to give the new wordpress a whirl)

  6. Aravis says:

    I say go for it. I’ve kept up with the upgrades and been very happy. Back up your site first and you should be alright. :)

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