Pullin’ Weeds, Pickin’ Stones

My mother continues to work on my flower beds and, for the most part, they are weeded.  I say “for the most part” because while on the surface it looks like it’s weeded, there’s a lot more lurking under the surface.  Though she went after those weeds with a pitchfork like the devil goes after souls, we know that the grass has thoroughly established itself throughout the front beds.  She has pulled almost everything out from there and will probably spray with Round Up before putting everything back.  Then we’ll plant more either this year or next, and mulch towards the end of the summer instead.  Thankfully the flower bed on the side of the house was in much better shape.  It’s been weeded and edged, and will soon be mulched.  There will be more to add and more to prune, but overall it’s in pretty good shape.

There’s not much else going on at the moment, so I guess that’s all I’ll bore you with for now.  I’ll leave you with a view from a short walk Randy and I took yesterday…

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2 Responses to Pullin’ Weeds, Pickin’ Stones

  1. Leah says:

    Pretty photo! Was that walk near your house? Looks like such a lovely path…

  2. Aravis says:

    Yes, it’s part of the path that meets up with the Appalachian Trail as it passes through our town. :)

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