On Reading Preferences

Despite my failure to update my “Now Reading” or my 2012 book list, I have been reading almost nonstop.  I have noticed some things about my reading likes and dislikes.  Here are some of them:

~ You already know how I feel about love triangles.  Surprise!  That hasn’t changed.

~ I like series, but usually only if subsequent stories follow new characters in each book.  When it’s the same hero/heroine throughout the series, the stories can become extremely tedious.  I prefer when each new book focuses on a friend or family member from previous books.  I like seeing earlier characters as secondary characters later on – it’s nice to know what they’re up to now – but I don’t want them as the main characters again.  See my reference to extreme tediousness above.

~ I hate the way many authors seem to confuse strength and independence with muleheaded stupidity and carelessness in their female characters.  Mind you, the authors themselves are women; you’d think they would know better.  The time to stand up and “be strong” by handling everything alone is not when someone has just broken into your house and tried to kill you, especially when you know that this person has killed many times before and will keep coming after you until you’re dead.  And by the way… you have absolutely no training in self-defense.  In this instance, turning down all forms of police protection, including something as basic as having them parked outside to keep an eye on the place, is idiotic.  She’s on the 6th floor.  How is their presence outside her building an invasion of privacy or an infringement on her independence?  And the officers she dealt most closely with were both women, so don’t think it’s about not wanting to lean on a man.  Dumbass.

And that’s just one example of many that I could give.

~ Along a similar vein, I hate when characters – male or female – push the other away in order to “protect” them in mystery/suspense novels.  At this point, the killer has already seen the two of you (and/or family and friends) together, so what makes you think said villain won’t go after them anyway?  Just because the person you care about isn’t by your side doesn’t mean the Bad Guy won’t go after them anyway, especially if they think that person might know something.  Isolating yourself accomplishes nothing other than to make yourself an easier target.  Duh.

I think the type of characters in the last two points I made are the book equivalent of the horror movie bimbo who wanders off alone in her underwear and enters that door at the end of the hall without turning on the lights (only to discover that the electricity has been cut off, of course).

*eyes rolling*

I’m sure I’ll find other things that I like or don’t.  These are just the latest.

I’m off to continue another book that I’m on the fence about.  It’s better than the last one at any rate.  Not that the previous one set the bar high.  The story was good, but the characters annoying.  Maybe it’s just me.


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