Good Thing I’m Interested

Today marks Day 3 of all (school)work, no play.  Well, a few minutes here and there to refresh my brain so I could focus again.  But it’s been 3 days since I last picked up a novel.  You know, that novel that I was just about to finish on Friday when I discovered that my prof is related to Satan assigned more work than he said.

It took forever, but I finally finished the last of his work this afternoon:

  • 5 chapters read
  • 2 podcasts heard
  • Reaction paper to podcast written
  • Powerpoint viewed
  • 2 case studies read and reviewed
  • Research paper title page complete (which meant choosing a topic.  Mine: Challenges of Correctional Counseling)

Great.  Time to chill, right?  Wrong.  I still had 2 chapters and an essay to write for the other class which meets the same night.  I’ve now read one of them and started the 2nd.  I’ve decided that once I’ve done that, I’m picking up that novel and finishing it.  The stupid essay can bloody well wait until tomorrow.

Excuse me, please.  I have a chapter to finish now.

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  1. Tony LaRocca says:

    Don’t you hate when they do things like that? Teachers suck all the joy out of reading sometimes…

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