Continuing to Evolve

In the spirit of making use of this site that I’m paying for, I’m pondering what inanities to impart to you this time.  Many (but not all) of you follow me on FB and/or Twitter, so there’s bound to be some repetition.  My apologies.  Now suck it up or go back to ignoring this blog.

I’m still interested in working in corrections counseling, but I’ve also become drawn to working with veterans and active duty soldiers suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other problems.  I could also see myself working in a hospital as a member of a crisis intervention team.  Crisis and Trauma really is my thing.  Anything outside of these arenas just isn’t me.  I start my practicum next year, which will give me a chance to explore my options further.

Football:  When I was a kid, I loved football.  I loved to play flag football on the playground, and even had to play it in gym class for one rotation.  Being a good catcher and fast runner, I played wide receiver.  So much fun!  I’m a competitive person, so the sport appeals.  Somehow over the years since then, I lost interest.  During the NFL playoffs last season, though, I got sucked back in.  I don’t know why.  I think the TV was on in the background while I was doing homework, and then something happened to suck me in.  And suck me in it must have, because now I’m crazy about it again.  I watch every game, including pre-season.  Randy – who really doesn’t like football – bought me a subscription to NFL Game Rewind so I never have to miss one, no matter where it airs.  I bought myself a Kansas City Chiefs cap (my current favorite, though overall I don’t have a team), and Randy bought me an NFL t-shirt.  I wear both while watching the games.  I also clutch a little foam football.  Its size and composition make it the safest choice.  That sucker flew across the room after the Jets won the other day, carried on the wind of the curses spewing forth from my lips…

There are other things I could write about, things that aren’t very interesting.  I think I’ll save those to bore you with on another day.

Maybe I’ll add a “Sports” category, operating on the assumption that I will be blogging about football, and perhaps other sports, on occasion in the future.  Makes sense.

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2 Responses to Continuing to Evolve

  1. Leah says:

    What is it about Crisis and Trauma that calls to you?

    OF COURSE you have to get geared up to watch football. What’s the fun otherwise? One of the best parts is letting a loud cheer/curse escape and watching the cats fly across the room…he he he.

    And, yeah, let the football commentary flow…

  2. Aravis says:

    That’s a good question, Leah.

    I guess it’s the idea of helping someone in those horrible moments when they’re feeling scared, terrified, angry, devastated, confused, lost, hopeless, worthless, alone. Whatever it is, whatever they’re facing, I want to be there to help them through to the other side. I’ve lived through my own crises, my own traumas. It isn’t the same, of course. People can undergo the exact same events and experience them differently. But having someone there to help guide me would have been nice.

    And I’m good in a crisis. I am able to stay calm while everyone is going crazy around me, taking care of what needs to be taken care of first. I let myself fall apart later, when the crisis has passed. I hold it together as long as I need to.

    I don’t know. It feels right to me.

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