From Bored to Bondage (and back again)

Another day.  Today is brought to you by standard deviation, variance, graphing distribution, and correlation coefficients.  It’s more effective than a sleeping pill.  Come on, you almost dozed off just reading that, didn’t you?  The most exciting part of my homework was trying to remember how to use my scientific graphing calculator, something I didn’t actually need to do but did anyway out of sheer boredom.

That’s me, getting all wild and crazy.


I’m making my way- very slowly – through 50 Shades.  My greatest struggle is the fact that Ana is just plain stupid.  Colossally, and I suspect irrevocably, stupid.  He says he doesn’t do the girlfriend thing, so at first she decides he must be gay.  Later, realizing that he’s not gay, she decides he’s celibate.  When he laughs at the notion of celibacy, she descends into utter confusion, chalking him up as impossibly mysterious.

If I did a headdesk every time she thought, said, or did something idiotic, I’d be in a coma by now, hovering on the brink of death due to severe subdural hematoma.

I’m on p. 95.

Ah well, I’ve got schoolwork to do, football and television to watch.  This book comes in 4th.  Maybe I’ll make it to page 115 by next week.  Although… he’s about to reveal to her his BDSM lifestyle, and I’m looking forward to it.  She can barely think the word “sex,” so this should be good.

And on that note, it’s time to leave for school.  Back to the fascinating world of statistics and test administration.  Suddenly 50 Shades doesn’t look so bad.



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