Alright, a couple of med changes and end of the semester later, I’m here.  I was depressed, but put on a med that could aggravate depression because the doctor thought it would treat the ongoing autoimmune itchiness thing.  Oddly, it generated a manic episode instead.  It was almost instant.  I was pulled off of that, and am being titrated off of the medication I take for bipolar.  It can cause rash, so she wanted to eliminate it as a potential cause.  It isn’t causing the rash.  She’s trying me on a newer medication for bipolar, one which treats both ends of the spectrum rather than one pole or the other.  I think it’s actually working.  I’m a lot more easy going and social, something I haven’t been in years.  On the other hand, it could just be burned out from school and happy that it’s winter break.

Either way, I’m in a good space at the moment.  If only I could get the itching to stop!  Three years is a bit much.

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