Randy brought the Christmas decorations down from the attic.  We haven’t had a tree in a couple of years, so they’ve been up there for awhile.  All I can think is:

He’s just brought the mice to the cats.  Yay.

I cant’ wait to have a tree again, though.  Ever since I visited my dying grandmother in her Hutterite community and had an early, mini-Christmas celebration with her, I’ve wanted to do this.  She’s German, so her tree was decorated with hand-made golden walnuts and stars, and real candles.  We sang a few Christmas carols, and my uncle read an old German Christmas story.  It reminded me of childhood Christmas visits to my grandparents’ home, and that evening has stayed with me.  My grandmother lingers, I’m told, though she continues to fade away.  Bringing Christmas into my home this year feels like a way to remain connected for as long as I can.

We’ll pick up the tree on Tuesday, and I’ll post pictures when it’s up.


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