Here’s what I mean about lack of focus.

Last week’s Wednesday class (Career Counseling) was cancelled due to the snow storm.  This means that it’s been a couple of weeks since we met, and a couple of weeks since I read the material we’ll be discussing in class tomorrow.  I should review it, and I tried, but I just can’t.  I’m not interested, and it’s not sticking.  Nor have I been able to complete the new readings for tomorrow, knowing that we won’t be covering them all because we’re behind a week.  I’m still going to be responsible for the info by next week, but can’t be bothered with it now despite it technically being due.  This lack of focus is bothering me, but not enough to do anything about it apparently.  My current game plan is to give up (which goes against the grain) for tonight, and try to review the material again tomorrow before class.

The thing is, it’s not like I have anything else I’d rather be doing.  I don’t.  I’m feeling a little restless, in fact, in need of something to do.  Reviewing constructivist and social constructionist theories of career development isn’t making the short list, though, anymore than finishing chapters regarding career development in children has.

Then there are Thursday’s classes, for which I’ve likewise done nothing.  There’s going to be a quiz in one of them (Family Therapy), but I don’t care.   It helps that a massive storm is predicted and those classes will likely be cancelled.  I’m not feeling the need to get anything done, knowing that we probably won’t be meeting.  Watch that come back to bite me in the ass somehow.

I may not know what I’d rather be doing, but I know I’d rather be doing something else.

But hey!  I’m now certified to conduct human research trials.  That ought to be comforting to… nobody.

Bah!  I think I’ll give this day up and go to bed.  Here’s hoping the Productivity Fairy visits me again in the morning, because Apathy Fairy seems to have put in her time today.

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7 Responses to Examples

  1. Lazygal says:

    According to my sources (aka “the students I work with”) we’re having another snow day Thursday. Possibly Friday, too. I’m supposed to go to sleep tonight with my pj’s inside out and spoons under my bed and it’ll happen!

    In other words, I wouldn’t worry about being unmotivated. You’ll have a week to catch up.

  2. Aravis says:

    So if I wind up having to go to school tomorrow, it’s because you didn’t heed the pj’s-and-spoon rule? Good to know. ;)

  3. Lazygal says:

    Yep. Blame me (better still, stop by and yell in person).

  4. Leah says:

    Yah! No school for you tomorrow! You’re probably getting the storm that dumped 21 inches on us. Consider it my gift to you… :)

    If it’s the smallest comfort to you, your posts had me in stitches. So you have been very productive…in making me laugh. Nice work! (“But hey! I’m now certified to conduct human research trials. That ought to be comforting to… nobody.” – LOL)

    I hate that restless feeling though; it’s a tough one to ride out.

    Enjoy the snow!

  5. Aravis says:

    Thanks for the gift, Leah. It’s deeply appreciated! Glad I could make you laugh in return. It’s the least I could do! ;)

  6. Lazygal says:

    Just so we’re clear, I am taking credit for today. Me. No one else.

  7. Aravis says:

    LG- Leah sent it this way, and you’re responsible for making sure it hit and closed schools. LOL

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