Laziness Rewarded

I managed to review the chapters, and survived the class discussion.  The fact that I was mentally napping throughout should be overlooked.  My eyes were open and my lips were flapping out pertinent sounds.  That counts as class participation, so I’m golden.

School was cancelled tomorrow, so my slacking ways have been rewarded.  I would feel more guilty about this, but I feel karmically justified.  After several years of accepting nothing less than perfection from myself, I’m due a little chill time.  Pun not intended.  We’re expected to get up to a foot of snow.  I worry about Randy and others driving in the mess, but otherwise love these storms.  So pretty!

See how drastically my mood improves when I get my way?  Shouldn’t I get my way all the time?

If you said “Yes,” you haven’t been paying attention to my blog at any time during the past 10 years.  My way can be dangerous, especially when I’m bored.  Consider this your last warning.

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