Allow Me To (Re)Introduce Myself

It’s been too damn long, and you might not remember me.  Then again, I’ve changed a bit:

  • I’m on my final semester in grad school.  I’ve almost achieved my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • I’m interning at a minimum security men’s prison.  Believe it or not, it was a dream of mine.  I’m loving it.
  • I have two dogs now in addition to our cats, Patches and Wheezy.  They’re Chauncey (a 6 yr. old Australian Shepherd) and Katie (a 10 yr. old shepherd mix).  You’re sure to hear a lot about them.  They try to dominate my life.  They’re pretty successful at that, too.
  • I don’t get to read for pleasure nearly as much as I used to do.  I’ve missed that, and am hoping that someday that might change.  But I’m enjoying some of the books I have to read for school and professional development.  That helps.
  • I’ve gone from complete couch potato to being able to run 6 miles, thanks to C25K and 10K.  I wanted to try for a half marathon, but my knees had other ideas.  I enjoy running, other than that.
  • I’m tired all the time, but it’s usually a good tired.
  • I’ve managed to complete some home improvement projects, most notably my living room, although that still needs a couple of decorative touches.  I have plans for the rest.

I think that’s enough to get on with.  I’m always on Facebook and rarely on Twitter these days.  I’ve recently added Instagram.  These things have been more convenient than blogging.  I came so very close to letting my domain name and website go this time around, as I’ve considered in the past.  In fact, it came down to the final days when, at the last moment, I decided to renew.  I’ve had versions of this blog since 2001, and I just couldn’t let go.  Lately I’ve also felt some stirrings of the old desire to write more deeply than FB or the other venues allow.  Besides, I don’t feel like I can share some things in other venues the way I can here, due to some of my followers.

So here I am again.  For those of you who still follow: thank-you.


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4 Responses to Allow Me To (Re)Introduce Myself

  1. Lazygal says:

    Sympathy for the Aravis, indeed! Like you, I haven’t been blogging much. Maybe you and Cam can inspire me to do more?

    Here’s to a more connected 2015… or something close.

  2. Leah says:

    Hurrah! I can’t wait to read further in-depth thoughts and observations from you once again, dear Aravis. :)

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