Earthquake with a Side of Tornado, Please

A sign that I’ve been watching too many horror movies lately: I saw a book at work entitled “How to Have Sex in the Woods” to which I mentally added “… without getting chopped up by a psycho killer.”

And while we’re discussing (o.k., so I’m the one discussing) my movie viewing, I’ve been pondering my love of disaster movies.  Because I do.  Oh, it’s not that I want to see people die despite what you may think after I just mentioned my horror movie kick.  I just love the fictional destruction caused by natural disasters.  The movie may be as bad as they come- and it often is- but that doesn’t matter.  I love to see the Hollywood sign blown away, the Space Needle topple, volcanoes erupt, massive waves wiping out cities (ditto tornadoes), asteroids fall from the sky (remember Deep Impact?), etc. I would hate for any of these things to happen in real life!  But in the land of make-believe, I get a charge out of it.  Maybe I like the reminder that as much as we try to tame everything around us and make it conform to our wants and needs, the earth is still going to do what it’s going to do.  And maybe I like that because I’m such a tightly wound person myself that I like seeing somebody or something just let go.  I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll watch the spoof, Disaster Movie, tonight.

P.S. My Wii fit age is down to 23.  Told you it was work that aged me that day! *G*

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4 Responses to Earthquake with a Side of Tornado, Please

  1. Becky says:

    I absolutely LOVE disaster movies. I’m in heaven when SciFi or FX plays a whole day of them. Travis just laughs at me :) I think that if anything were to happen in real life, I am very prepared due to my diligent movie watching!!

  2. Alecya says:

    I share the same weakness, although a lot of them make me laugh and not feel empathetic. Terrible isn’t it? Twister is my all time favorite. Possible because I live in the midwest…

  3. Adem says:

    Disaster movies are good if they are done well and are at least slightly realistic. In movies like Deep Impact or The Day After Tomorrow at least half the population dies instead of some cop-out in some films where everyone survives all because of the hero.

  4. Aravis says:

    Adem- I agree. There were lots of disaster movies on this past weekend (odd choice for Memorial Day, but whatever) and some were really quite good. Others… I was bored, cynical, snarky, and/or read a book during most of it. They saved the worst for last, so I’m almost burned out on them now. But not for long, I’m sure.

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