…hello there!

Another semester successfully completed and not a minute too soon!

The classes were interesting for the most part; any class will have its dry sections.  Philosophy of Race was a bit of a pill by the end.  You can only be beaten down for being white for so long before you get defensive.  It was fascinating, eye-opening, and I learned a lot, but I think the way forward must be based on mutual respect and understanding.  Revolution and acts of terrorism (as recommended by Fanon, and a classmate) seem counter-productive to me.  The rest of my classes were great, and the Curse of Statistics was broken: I got an A.  In fact my lowest grade was an A-.  All’s well that ends well.  I’m not completely in love with the school yet; it’s an adjustment.  But I know I will settle in.  My first semester at NCCC was the same way. *shrug*  I’ve chosen a concentration in forensic psychology and am taking Victimology next semester.  Also on tap are Research Methods, Critical Writing (both of these required for grad), Human Sexuality, and Islam.

So that’s school.

My back is still a big problem.  It’s been something like 7 months since I’ve been able to work, maybe 8.  I’m broke, and it’s Christmas.  I’m making a lot of presents this year, but that’s okay.  I like the way it’s all turning out.  I did all of my stressing around Thanksgiving.  I can’t be bothered getting stressed now.  Over the summer I: went to Dr. several times, went for physical therapy, went to an orthopedist, went to a neurologist.  I’ve had x-rays, and MRI, a something-or-other at the neurologist which involved being poked with needles and having electric current run through me, an ultrasound (which turned up gall stones, something totally unrelated and for which I may need surgery), and blood tests.  A couple of weeks ago I went to the chiropractor.  Out of everyone I’m seeing the most results with him, though the peripheral neuropathy and back pain persists.  We’ve just begun a more aggressive treatment program and I’m hopeful it will help.


The bathroom was finished a couple of months ago.  I may have mentioned that.  I put some pics of it up on FB and will add them here when I get the chance.  Just waiting for the motivation to strike.  I’ve been extremely lazy and often uncommunicative lately.

I don’t know what on earth possessed me to throw out that creative writing challenge, but I haven’t forgotten it despite all appearances.  I will do it, I promise!  Rather anticlimactic by then probably.  Sorry!  I’ll do my best.

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos I took recently…


This hawk has been hanging out in our backyard lately, watching the house.  Methinks I’m being stalked.


A raindrop on our rose bush

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3 Responses to Well…

  1. Leah says:

    YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Return of the Aravis, I love it! Coming to a theater near you, he he. ;) Again, congrats on those stellar grades. Sounds like you have an interesting batch next semester. I just so wish your back would pull itself together and let you be in peace…

    The raindrop photo is BEAUTIFUL. So lovely.

    Many merry wishes to you!

  2. Johnnyboy says:

    Nice to have you back on the planet! Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. Adem says:

    A’s all round! Congratulations!

    Sorry to hear that the back is such a pain but I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying the festive period.

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